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Lois & Clark The New Adventures of Superman - S03E17 - Seconds

  • Lois & Clark The New Adventures of Superman 03x17 : Seconds- Seriesaddict
  • Titre VO : Seconds
  • Titre VF : (N/A)
  • Saison : 3
  • Episode : 17
  • Réalisateur(s) : (N/A)
  • Scenariste(s) : (N/A)
  • Date de première diffusion : 25/02/1996
  • Audience : (N/A)

Synopsis de l'épisode

Clark and the clone become friends, and she doesn't want to kill the real Lois anymore. Now with Lois (who still thinks she's Wanda Detroit) , Lex plans to transfer their souls to new bodies and go away with her to the mountains, so, with the new bodies, they can't be found by the police or for Superman. He also wants to destroy Superman (sure), and when he finds the clone, she ends up telling him that Clark is Superman. Lex kidnaps Martha and tells Lois to shoot Superman with a powerful weapon that he bought (that's the way to kill the love that Lois feels for Clark), but when she can't, Lex tries, but he and the clone end up dying with the weapon shot. During the rescue, Lois hits her head again, now she knows she's Lois Lane, but doesn't know anything and anyone else, including Clark.

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