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Oz - S01E06 - To Your Health

  • Oz 01x06 : To Your Health- Seriesaddict
  • Titre VO : To Your Health
  • Titre VF : (N/A)
  • Saison : 1
  • Episode : 6
  • Réalisateur(s) : (N/A)
  • Scenariste(s) : (N/A)
  • Date de première diffusion : 11/08/1997
  • Audience : (N/A)

Synopsis de l'épisode

The subject of aging inmates is brought up at a staff meeting after Bob Rebadow is attacked by Kenny Wangler and has his care package stolen. The staff proposes creating a senior's cellblock for the aged but the commissioner turns the proposal down. Rebadow confesses to Groves that he wants to escape and he does. If by escape you mean fall down the stairs and end up back in the hospital bed where you started. Speaking of the elderly, the most senior Alvarez is found mumbling naked on his cell floor, suffering from Alzheimers. Sister Pete suggests that to have a better relationship with his granfather Miguel Alvarez should assist his father, Eduardo Alvarez with taking care of his grandfather, Ricardo Alvarez, which he does. Got that? Good. Hill hates it when people say ""At least you've got your health"". So do I. Groves doesn't have his health. What he has is a toothache. The dentist isn't too thrilled about poking around in his infamous mouth, but Groves comes out feeling a w

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