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The Simpsons - S04E14 - Brother From the Same Planet

  • The Simpsons 04x14 : Brother From the Same Planet- Seriesaddict
  • Titre VO : Brother From the Same Planet
  • Titre VF : (N/A)
  • Saison : 4
  • Episode : 14
  • Réalisateur(s) : (N/A)
  • Scenariste(s) : (N/A)
  • Date de première diffusion : 04/02/1993
  • Audience : (N/A)

Synopsis de l'épisode

When Homer leaves Bart waiting in the pouring rain after soccer practice, he must earn back his son's love. Bart expresses his anger by going to a Big Brother program and claiming to be an abandoned child so he can get a new "father." He is paired with a cool guy named Tom, and the two of them start spending lots of time together. When Homer finds out about Tom, he plots to get revenge on Bart. To make Bart jealous, Homer adopts a boy named Pepi and he starts spending quality time with him. Tom and Homer soon meet each other and start fighting over Bart. When he realizes how much his father loves him, Bart returns to Homer and Pepi pairs with Tom. On a side note, Lisa runs up $378.53 of phones calls to "The Corey Hotline."

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