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The Simpsons - S07E01 - Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)

  • The Simpsons 07x01 : Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)- Seriesaddict
  • Titre VO : Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)
  • Titre VF : (N/A)
  • Saison : 7
  • Episode : 1
  • Réalisateur(s) : (N/A)
  • Scenariste(s) : (N/A)
  • Date de première diffusion : 17/09/1995
  • Audience : (N/A)

Synopsis de l'épisode

Smithers awakens from his drunken binge to find Mr. Burns in his shower; alas, it is only a dream. When he awakens for real, he discovers the truth. Mr. Burns is still alive after being shot. Smithers wonders whether he tried to kill Mr. Burns. He then confesses to a priest, but it's really a police trap and he is arrested. Smithers remembers that he DID shoot an old geezer, but it was not Mr. Burns. It was Jasper, but the bullet went into his wooden leg. Smithers is cleared as the lead suspect. Lisa decides to help on the investigation. She lists all the suspects, including Moe, Barney, Principal Skinner, Willie, Tito Puente, each of the Simpsons, etc. Chief Wiggum goes to bust Tito Puente, but he decides that Tito is not guilty. Then he decides Principal Skinner and Willie are not suspects. Moe is cleared too, after he passes the lie detector. Chief Wiggum has a dream that tells him to check Mr. Burns' suit. Simpson DNA is found on it, so Chief Wiggum arrests Homer. They find a gun with Homer's fingerprints. Homer escapes from the police paddy wagon at a Krustyburger in homage to "The Fugitive." He goes to confront Mr. Burns in the hospital and the whole town goes to watch. Mr. Burns still does not know Homer's name, so Homer holds a gun to his head. Mr. Burns says that Homer did not shoot him, it was Maggie Simpson. When Mr. Burns had tried to steal her candy, Maggie accidentally shot him.

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