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The Starter Wife - S02E03 - Remains of the Snow Day

  • The Starter Wife 02x03 : Remains of the Snow Day- Seriesaddict
  • Titre VO : Remains of the Snow Day
  • Titre VF : (N/A)
  • Saison : 2
  • Episode : 3
  • Réalisateur(s) :
  • Scenariste(s) :
  • Date de première diffusion : 17/10/2008
  • Audience : (N/A)

Synopsis de l'épisode

When Eve, Molly?s nemesis at the Starting Gate school, exposes Molly as the infamous ?Hollywood Ex-Wife,? Molly becomes the most hated woman in town. Delivering the ultimate blow, Eve announces to Molly that she and the other mothers have voted her off of all of the PTA committees, including the one for the first-ever Snow Day at the school, which was Molly?s idea. Liz tries to encourage Molly to not let those ?bitter ho?s in the PTA? get her down, so Molly takes the opportunity to apologize again for exposing Liz?s personal business with Devon on Dizzy-Land. Liz has forgiven her and it?s clear the two are now friends. Incensed (and mortified), Molly confronts Dizzy-Land, the audacious celebrity blogger who has posted all of her journal entries online, at the local Coffee Bean. Unfortunately, she exacerbates the situation by trying to snatch away his laptop and clocking Zach, who has accompanied her on her mission of mercy, in the head. Onlookers catch the whole thing on their camera phones and before Molly even gets home, the video of her ?attack? is all over the internet, adding insult to injury?literally. Devon is getting ready for a road trip with the team, but he?s suffering from a strained groin, which has relegated him to the Disabled List. Liz offers to pack for him so he can rest. But when she thinks she smells another woman?s cheap perfume on his clothes, the flames of her suspicion are fueled once again, causing Devon to walk out in frustration. Kenny has finally moved into his new bachelor pad at the luxury Santa Monica condo complex where all of the divorced daddies live but he has yet to unpack Jaden?s room despite the fact that his daughter is due to spend her first weekend there in a few days. He has also managed to misplace Mr. Octopus, Jaden?s favorite stuffed animal. Molly gives Kenny a piece of her mind for not providing a safe, caring home for their daughter. Jaden, who overhears their fight, points out that it?s Molly who has been the source of strife at home, not Kenny. Molly?s heart breaks into a thousand pieces. Needing an escape, Molly hides at Destinies with Joan where she meets a troubled teen named Robin. Molly befriends the girl and ends up learning a bit about herself in the process. She decides that it?s time to face her own problems, which, in the scheme of things, are not so bad, and work harder to be a better mother. She and Jaden proudly march themselves?mukluks and all?onto the school grounds for Snow Day, bravely taking a few snowballs to the head. Meanwhile, Rodney has a confession of his own: he admits to Molly and Joan that Felix?s sexuality is on the ?down low? and spills the beans about their romantic hookup. Joan decides that maybe it?s time for a little hooking up of her own. She sets her sights on David Shea: he?s mentally repellent but physically attractive, which makes him the perfect candidate. Rodney, who hates the actor for his homophobic bigotry, offers himself to Joan. But Joan sweetly declines, reminding him that Pappy said she can?t sleep with anyone there?s a risk of falling in love with.

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