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The girl from Girls

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Hi everyone,


I am Lena D., new member here. You could have seen me as main character of Girls (aired on HBO).


When i though about creating a TV Show, i chose to hire only women as main characters. It was purely an economical decision : women are less payed than men !


To introduce myself further, i think I will talk about my little guilty pleasures :


- I love to clap my hand



- I love eating cake when I'm alone



- I love being treated as a princess on a Red Carpet



- I enjoy go to museum see soe Masterpieces



- And finally, I love to replay my favorite scenes from Baywatch



That's me ! 

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Welcome Lena !

I have a lot admiration for you :D

Me too Emilia. I follow you since you start acting... let's be honnest since GOT (that's your biggest role so far).


I've seen your topless' appearance in Game of Thrones and i think you could be a guest star in the next season of Girls. 


Call Judd Appatow for the details. See ya

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